We understand that the main goal of commercial development is to attract business and encourage return business. Our team effectively develops a design strategy tailored to the needs, timeline, and budget of each individual project. We provide the customer with an experience that is comfortable yet still easily maintained, water efficient, and cost effective. Wheat Design Group is an expert at navigating the code requirements of the multiple jurisdictions in the Southwest, ensuring fast approval of plans so that project construction begins on schedule. We have staff that was part of the Technical Advisory Committee for the City of Tucson Water Harvesting Ordinance and completed the pilot project implementing the Rainwater Harvesting Plan.

Great commercial landscape design doesn’t just beautify the site, but also lowers the urban heat island effect with shade from trees and vegetation, softening the urban environment while creating a sustainable system. We implement Low Impact Development / Green Infrastructure principles into our designs including: the introduction of natural materials, installation of weather-smart irrigation systems, and directing storm runoff and HVAC condensate to planting areas — adding value to the project that keeps paying dividends over time.