Aerospace Parkway

The improvements on Aerospace Parkway create an attractive entry into this high tech corridor, with the aim of attracting future development. The project included roadway improvements to Aerospace Parkway between Old Nogales Highway and east of Raytheon Boulevard, and a new “Southern Extension” roadway at the Aerospace and Raytheon intersection to provide access for new development.  WDG’s scope included native plant inventory, landscape and erosion control plans, in addition to metal art design.

A large focus of WDG’s work was the creation of a monumental landscape to designate Aerospace Parkway as an important economic corridor for Pima County. WDG designed eight “wings” for the four corners at the intersection of Aerospace Parkway and Raytheon Boulevard. The wings range from 5’ - 7’ in height, and are up to 50’ wide. Landscape rock and plant material are intermingled among the artwork.

The wings were fabricated by a talented team led by Steve Kimble and Terry Barkacs at Tucson’s Metal Arts Village. We were excited to coordinate with local artists on this project, and are thankful for the Metal Arts Village’s craftsmanship and design experience which made our vision a reality.