Barrio Anita Park

Barrio Anita Park is a result of the neighborhood receiving a Transportation Enhancement Grant (TE) in the year 2000.  WDG wrote the TE Application advocating for neighborhood community space and amenities, as well as inclusion of public artists to design and install three large murals on the retaining walls along Interstate 10.  WDG also prepared a Design Concept Report; coordinated extensively with the public artist team, neighborhood association, engineers, ADOT, and the City of Tucson; and designed the planting, irrigation, and hardscape.

Throughout the design process, WDG worked closely with the Barrio Anita Neighborhood Association. The Neighborhood selected the elements for the “rest area” such as tables, a shade structure, BBQ grills and preferred plant materials.  Barrio Anita Park was a testimony to the importance of public involvement in TE  and community projects: it develops neighborhood buy-in during the design process and neighborhood pride after construction is complete.