Cole and Jeannie Davis Sports Center

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The Cole and Jeannie Davis Sports Center is a climate-controlled practice facility for Arizona Athletics that opened in February of 2019. The $16.5 million center will serve as a practice facility for Arizona Football and indoor conditioning for numerous other Arizona programs. The Davis Sports Center will also act as a key hospitality area for fans on Arizona Football game days as a premium tailgating area. Wheat Design Group designed the outdoor practice field, the entryway and perimeter of the facility. Key considerations included reception and circulation of large groups, seating, shade, and stormwater management.

The Davis Sports Center is in a high volume area for stormwater runoff for the University. Careful consideration was given to grading and site features to keep runoff away from the building; for example the retaining walls serve as both a seat-wall and entryway feature (left). Additionally, stormwater runoff is captured to supply water to these tree planters installed flush with street parking (right).