Grant Road Phase 2 - Stone Avenue to Park Avenue

This RTA project was Phase 2 of the Grant Road Improvement Project. The project widened the existing roadway to six lanes and incorporated new bike lanes, streetscape, and pedestrian improvements to create a multi-modal transportation corridor. Wheat Design Group was the landscape architect on the project and responsible for planting, hardscape and water harvesting design, as well as close coordination with the irrigation designer.

The project required a large detention basin to manage stormwater runoff from adjacent neighborhoods and roadways. WDG took this opportunity to create an amenity for the public (pictured above) with walking paths, seating areas, and plazas. Swales and check dams slow the movement of water throughout the landscape and allow the native species to thrive in this urban setting. Pictured below are some of the public amenities of the design.

WDG’s conceptual graphics and modeling (pictured above and below) help explain design intentions. WDG uses a variety of graphic communication styles to connect with project stakeholders and the public so that we can best achieve designs that are functional for our communities and enhance the experiences of our user groups.