Julian Wash Multi-Use Path

WDG completed two sections of the Julian Wash Multi-Use Path, from Wilmot to Valencia and Valencia to Drexel, totaling 2.8 miles. This multi-use path is part of Pima County's multi-use path system, The Loop. The Loop incorporates the Harrison Greenway, the Julian Wash Greenway, the Santa Cruz River Park, the Rillito River Park, and the Pantano Wash River Park. WDG was selected as the prime consultant for the 1.6-mile-long Wilmot to Valencia section, and worked as the subconsultant to URS Corp. for the 1.2-mile-long Valencia to Drexel section, both under the County's Qualified Consultants List contracts. As prime, WDG's coordinated with the structural engineering subconsultant for the design of the pedestrian bridge over the Julian Wash, and with civil engineers for the path layout. The projects were constructed under the County's Job Order Contract process.  

The basis of design for Loop projects is the County's Divided Urban Pathway Model: an unpaved "soft path" for walkers and joggers, a parallel paved "hard path" for cyclists and skaters, and associated landscape improvements.  On both sections of the project, WDG prepared landscape, irrigation, and erosion control plans.