George Mehl Foothills Park

The George Mehl Foothills Park was a bond-funded improvements project which involved ball field lighting, batting cages, play equipment and restrooms, expanded parking areas with lighting, drainage improvements and a reconfiguration of the entry roads due to increased usage.  Planting and irrigation improvements and water harvesting basins were also included.  WDG was able to modify existing facilities while minimizing disturbance to ongoing activities. Construction was completed in 2010.

“The Vanishing,” by local artist Rebecca Thompson is intended to raise questions about the seen, the unseen, and the possibility of other dimensions.

Part of WDG's scope was the preparation of a revised, ultimate build-out master plan for the existing park.

WDG's scope also included the design of the dog park entry gate for Smiling Dog Ranch, or "Tucson's Favorite Dog Park."