Early Spring Planting at the Wheat Design Group Office

With temperatures in the mid 80's, it certainly doesn't feel like winter anymore. We have decided to do a spring cleaning of the planters outside our office. Thanks to a donation from Jean at Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, you can now see some beautiful new plants as you enter our office.

Dwarf Elephant Food

Old Mexico Prickly Pear

We have added:

Hesperaloe nocturna - Night-blooming Hesperaloe

Opuntia gomei 'Old Mexico' - Old Mexico Prickly Pear

Portulacaria afra minima - Dwarf Elephant Food

Acalypha monostachya Raspberry Fuzzies - Rasberry Fuzzies

The pots were looking pretty sad before...

The midway point. We replaced all of the soil.


Our planters are in a north facing exposure, which can be tricky for plants. These will get plenty of shade so stay tuned for a future post that will evaluate how they are doing in their shady homes.