WDG Project 'Broadway East' On Schedule

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) recently announced that one of WDG’s roadway projects, Broadway East, is on schedule for construction. This is a section of Broadway Boulevard from Camino Seco to Houghton Road, and is part of the RTA’s 20-year plan. The project was scheduled for construction during FY 2017-2021. This is an important stretch of the roadway for the east side, so it’s great to hear that the City of Tucson will be able to benefit soon.

WDG worked on the landscape, irrigation, and erosion control design for Broadway East. The project will widen Broadway to four lanes and also incorporate improvements to drainage and new features such as street lighting, landscaped medians, bike lanes and sidewalks.

WDG created boards for an Open House that helped the community visualize the roadway design. Material palettes for plant and groundcover help to understand the finer details of the project, and also help our team picture how the materials will look as a whole.

Another component of our work on Broadway East was coordinating with the public artist Niki Glen who does many local Tucson projects. We always love this part of the creative process and seeing what the artist conceptualizes.

Above is Niki’s watercolor rendering of her idea for the art on Broadway East, and some pictures of the work in progress!