Pantano River Park

The Pantano River Park (east bank) project from Broadway Boulevard to Fifth Street coordinated City of Tucson (COT) and Pima County requirements along a one-half mile stretch of stabilized embankment that connects a major arterial roadway, shopping areas, and neighborhoods. This design provided separate bicycle and pedestrian paths consistent with the Pima County Divided Urban Pathway model, access to a large shopping center, dedicated parking access, and passively harvested stormwater to supplement irrigation.

Trail signs, seat walls and the staging area were developed in serpentine forms to reference the fluid motions of water in the Wash.

More than 10 feet of cross slope and 12 feet of longitudinal slope posed a primary design challenge to creating an appealing and easily accessible route.

Trees provide shade along the seemingly exposed pathways, and colorful plant material bring character and variety to the Pantano River Park.