Sentinel Peak

A prominent landform west of downtown, Sentinel Peak is acknowledged as Tucson’s birthplace. The park offers hiking trails, picnicking and panoramic views, and is one of Tucson's few natural resource parks. WDG scope included a Master Plan, which addresses circulation and safety issues, environmental degradation, cultural and natural resource interpretation and additional recreation opportunities. Incorporating input from traffic engineers, focus groups, the public and case study research, the Plan provides for safe, accessible and environmentally responsible experiences. Elements of the Plan include improvements to the access road and parking, interpretative signage, restroom, shade structures, new trails and pedestrian overlooks. Design guidelines emphasize materials compatible or native to the site, for example replacing impermeable asphalt with permeable alternatives.

A custom fabricated ramada was designed and modeled in-house at WDG.  This unique structure provides shade for visitors while they enjoy beautiful panaramoic views of Tucson and the surrounding region, and take time to read the interpretive material. 

Interpretive elements were designed at WDG. Our team collaborated with Jonathan Mabry, the Historic Preservation Officer and City Archaeologist for the City of Tucson, for storyboard content. 

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